PG&E Rate Plans Summary

Whether you have installed solar for many years or if you are just getting a new solar system installed, this short summary on the rate plans might help you get a quick understanding. You can always get detailed information on the PG&E website. Please note that Peak is the highest cost, then Part Peak and lowest is Off Peak.

E7 – this is an old plan and is now obsolete. If you got solar back in early or mid 2000s, you likely got this plan. I had it and it helped to pay for the solar system. We all cried when PG&E did away with the plan.

E6 – this was offered for a while and was the next best thing for E7 customers who got booted off. This plan is also no longer offered. It is a complicated Time of Use (TOU) plan. Peak, Part Peak and Off Peak times vary depending on the season and time of day.

  • May 1 – Oct 31: 10am-1pm Part-Peak, 1-7pm Peak, 7-9pm Part-Peak.
  • Nov 1 – Apr 30: 5-8pm Mon-Fri Peak, all other times are Off-Peak.

E1 – this is a tiered rate plan where you are given a base allowance. Exceeding the base puts you in Tier 2 where each kWh costs more. If you exceed the Tier 2 limits, your extra electricity use is charged at Tier 3 rates. The rates are different for customers, so look at your bill. If you have solar, you are not on this plan.

If you are a new solar customer, PG&E will give you two choices:

E-TOU-A – 3-8pm Peak Mon-Fri, all other times are Off-Peak

E-TOU-B – 4-9pm Peak Mon-Fri, all other times are Off-Peak
Eight months (October through May) have lower prices than the four months of summer (June through September). Not a big difference between these two plans but think before you choose.

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