Design & Install


A good solar design begins with an accurate analysis of your roof. Most solar companies will analyze your roof using satellite technology but we actually take the time to climb on your roof to measure and record the size of your roof, locations of your vents, skylights, and anything that can shade your solar array such as trees, power lines, or your neighbor’s house.

Most importantly, we can analyze the condition of your roof to verify the condition of the roof. Solar panels last upwards of 30 years so your roof should be in good condition before the solar system is installed. You should avoid a roof replacement soon after a solar system is installed, as removal and re-installation of the solar panels would be an unnecessary expense.

We want your input! What is important to you?

  • Want to save as much as you can by buying parts at the lowest possible cost?
  • Want to buy American only?
  • Want the latest products that allow you to stay on top of your solar production via your cell phone?
  • Want to offset 100% or 90% or 80% of your electrical bill?
  • Want the new Tesla Powerwall or an electric car charger?

Just let us know your wish list!

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We are not in the Solar Olympics where your system will be installed in the fastest time possible. However, we will take the time to install your system with the highest quality workmanship and protection of your roof to maintain its service life.

Our Design-Install package includes all of the following to deliver a fully working, turnkey system for you:

  • On-site visit to your home or business gathering all roof topography, shade analysis, electrical system analysis, and electrical usage data.
  • Create design plans and building department permit package.
  • Create application and obtain the building department permit.
  • All materials and labor.
  • Complete your installation per a mutually agreed upon schedule.
  • Full cleanup and haul away of all construction materials.
  • Delivery of a complete system documentation package.

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