Cleaning the Solar Panel

System Maintenance

System Maintenance

Like a new car, a newly installed solar system works flawlessly. But like a car,  preventative maintenance is vital to keeping solar running in tip top condition. Waiting until problems occur means paying for reactive maintenance which is 3 times the cost of preventative maintenance.

We recommend a general site inspection each year. You will get a report that shows the health of your system from top to bottom. Within the report, any problem areas that need further detailed analysis will be pointed out to you. At your option, we can undertake the necessary detailed analysis and the recommended corrections, if any.

We conduct detailed inspections of the racking, wires, conduit, inverters, grounding system, fasteners, flashing and the roofing. Some inverter manufacturers go further and specify inspection details on their equipment, which we will incorporate into our detailed analysis.

We also conduct inspections on the roof to assess the cleanliness of your solar modules (we can wash too) and we will look at your trees, shrubs, and vines to keep them from shading your array (we have experienced gardeners on staff).

Let us put a Preventative Maintenance program in place for you !

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