How To Reset The String Inverter

These are the basic steps to shutting down and restarting a string inverter.  The steps can be a bit different, depending on your equipment configuration:

With an error light on, your inverter has ceased to work. You can perform a system reset to try and restore normal operations.  The following steps apply only to string inverters.

  1. Turn off the circuit breaker in the main service panel.  The circuit breaker should be clearly marked as “solar” or “solar PV” or similar.
  2. Some installations will also have an AC Disconnect which should be switched off.
  3. If a DC Disconnect is present, switch it off.
  4. Some inverters will have an integrated DC Disconnect switch.  Turn it off now.
  5. The inverter is now isolated from AC and DC voltage.  Wait at least 5 minutes to allow the inverter to drain energy completely.
  6. To restart, turn on the AC circuit breaker and any AC Disconnects.  This allows the internal AC circuits to prepare for the DC input.
  7. Turn on the DC Disconnect (if present) and the inverter DC Disconnect (if present).
  8. The inverter will begin the power-up internal checks and re-connect to the Grid in 5 minutes.

If the error condition persists, contact us for a troubleshooting session.

Click through these pictures to help you identify solar photovoltaic disconnects and switches when you are working on the solar system.