System Repair

Repairing Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic systems are generally maintenance free. But like all systems, maintenance and repair are inevitable. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to troubleshoot your solar system to uncover problems and restore it to its maximum potential.

We service on-warranty, out-of-warranty, leased systems and power purchase agreement systems.

Here is a list of basic checks you can perform to track down problems:

  1. Are inverters working?
    If you have a central inverter mounted on the wall, you should see a green light during the day.  Red or yellow lights indicate a problem.Micro-inverter owners have a monitor which display the total working micro-inverters.  You should check monthly to avoid surprise power bills!If your system is leased or under a PPA, you will likely have another meter installed.  Make sure its working during the day.  If its off, then your panels aren’t working either.
  2. Is the array clean?
    If possible, take a look above and below the solar array and check for dusty panels, bird poop, damaged glass, bird nests, and accumulated leaves and debris. If its pine needles, clean it to avoid potential fire problems!
  3. Is the array mechanically intact?
    Look for drooping wires under the array which can be damaged from scraping against roofing due to wind action. Ensure no rodents have been eating the wires. Check solar panel cells, racking, clamps, bare copper ground wires, and electrical conduit for signs of corrosion.
  4. Did a tree grow?
    Trees and shrubs grow, causing shading on the solar array which cause lower power production.


Our services include repair and replacement of all system components from all major manufacturers. In the case of discontinued equipment, we will source equivalent equipment that will have the same design characteristics as the old part.

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