The Sungage Secured Loan

Sungage is a financial services company located in Boston and the first company to offer a residential solar loan secured only by the solar energy system.  Sungage is partnered with Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU), a federally-chartered credit union that provides the funding and is the largest credit union in New England serving over 400,000 members in all 50 states.


How The Loan Process Works

 Design It

ROAM Solar will design a solar system for you based on your energy needs and the unique criteria of your home.

 Approve It

We create a  Solar Savings Plan℠ to see if the system designed for your site makes good financial sense for you. You can then talk to the folks at Sungage Financial if you have any questions about the numbers before you apply.

The application process can be carried out during our first meeting and the approval takes about five minutes over a secure Internet connection.  You will know right away if your loan is approved.

 Install It

ROAM Solar will file for all permits, order equipment, install the system and carryout city/county electrical inspections.

 Pay It Back

Funding is provided directly to ROAM Solar and your fixed monthly payments will begin after the system is energized and operational.  The loan can be prepaid with no penalty.

Sungage® Solar Loan

✓ Low Fixed Monthly Payments
✓ Flexible Loan Terms
✓ 0%, Deferred Repayment Tax Credit Loan
✓ No Prepayment Penalties
✓ No Home Equity Required
✓ Extended Workmanship Warranty
✓ Easy and Secure On-Line Approval & Closing

All financing applications processed by Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU), and DCU is the creditor for any such approved financing.


Sungage Financed Home